Sunday, 9 July 2017

6 month wait for a CI is unacceptable...

What the cochlear implant looks like on the side of Vivienne's head.
Try the UK, it can be YEARS !  The possibility of hearing is steadily getting further away for Kiwis on the waiting list for cochlear implants.

Deaf people now have to wait an average of six months or more for the life-changing operation in the north, and three months more if they're south of Taupo.  The average wait time has jumped to 20 months for those on the Northern and Southern Cochlear Implant Trust lists, up from 14 months and 17 months last year.

Vivienne said the new sounds she'd been able to hear since getting her cochlear implant were surprising. Coordinator of YesWeCare Simon Oosterman said Government funding had not kept up with an ageing and growing population.

"It's wrong for the Government to expect Kiwis to fork out $45,000-$50,000 for the fundamental right to hear, any many simply can't," he said.

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