Friday, 28 July 2017

Access to the NHS in the UK ?

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It is amazing (But not surprising), to still read the NHS in the UK is not complying with its own universal access law it printed at the onset of its existence.  More concerns they still cannot be bothered to comply.

The UK’s largest hearing loss charity, (AOHL) is urging GPs and other health and social care practitioners in Lancashire to ensure that the 218,000 local residents who are deaf or have hearing loss receive the right communication support.

The call comes as a review by NHS England published Friday July 21 found that almost a year since the Accessible Information Standard became law, more than half of patients who responded to a survey have not noticed any improvement in getting accessible information or communication support from NHS services.

The Standard, which was put into force on August 1 2016, requires all publicly funded health and adult social care organisations to meet the communication needs of people with a
disability, impairment or sensory loss, including the one in six people living with hearing loss and deafness.

The review found that more than two-thirds of patients had not been asked about their information and communication needs by NHS services over the last six months. Almost a third of patients also reported that they do not usually get or have never received the communication support they need from NHS services.

Maybe AOHL can try THIS for size ? what I was sent when I asked for BSL help for my partner for an eye test....  Is THIS the new future for applying for NHS help ?  It was accompanied by a shopping list of fines if you are late or do not turn up for whatever reason.  Starting at £90....

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