Saturday, 29 July 2017

Apple/Cochlear team up to aid hearing impaired

Cochlear implants help people who are deaf hear, but there are still some problems.

Kibbie Parsons, and many others can hear phone calls, but some words and sounds are unclear. "A man voice. I have a hard time understanding a man's voice with this one, but hopefully with the new device I'll be able to hear better," said Parsons.

She is counting down the weeks until September, when she believes her life will change. That's when the first FDA approved implant to work directly with the iPhone will hit the market. "I just now found out about the Apple thing, that's perfect because I'm an Apple person so I'd like to try it out. It doesn't hurt to try," Parsons said.

The new implants should make calls clearer by eliminating apps and Bluetooth devices users currently need for calls.  Kibbie believes the new implant will be a turning point for people with hearing loss. The new product to be out this September.

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