Monday, 3 July 2017

Captions/Subtitles: Time for change ?

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Auto captioning errors, a lot is down to software or aerial issues. Google captions are abysmal, and e.g. SKY News bugs me, the screen is often covered with text in one form or another and includes rolling captioning on the bottom.  You get a sign terp in the corner, hardly any visuals are seen about what is being translated.

Too much information basically.  The placing of captions should be an option for us as well, e.g. if you like sporting events or watch weather reports then you can find one third of the sporting action covered in text instead.  

In the weather reports your area can be hidden too.  You cannot let off the little man or woman in the corner either (BSL translators), the placing of that access can vary considerable as can the size of it.  It can be in a  very confined space in a corner or, take up half the screen and the placing of a person in the visuals can then distract from the point, it needs balance (And an option to remove or include like captions/888).  

I think more needs to be done about size and placing of our access, and we to have more control over that.  Mostly the spelling errors don't detract me too much, although I do recall watching an old film of 'Moby Dick' and the subtitles underneath, were for Bargain hunt !  Half the film went by before someone complained but too late by then.  Lately I have seen subtitled adverts that flashed on and off at an alarming rate and were impossible to  follow.  

Looks like in editing ads to fit time schedules, no-one give thought to the subtitling and as the ads were cut short, they still tried to include the subtitling, and made them nonviable as a result.  You cannot fit 59 seconds of subtitling into a 26 second ad, i.e. unless you accelerate them beyond our ability to read them ! Not helped, that when we complained they simply removed them altogether...

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