Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Carers who abused the elderly...

Susan Draper, 44, was caught on camera abusing Betty Boylan after the pensioner's family set up a covert camera in her room
Horrific abuse by a paid carer who sprayed aerosols into the face of an old woman, raised justifiable anger by relatives and disabled alike, why does this continue to happen ?

Care homes are not paid by LA's (Local Authorities),  the fees they need to provide adequate, consistent, or qualified cover. As a result far too many staff are part-time and barely qualified at all. One care home had a 60% staff turnover ratio, it proved impossible to get people to stay for longer than a month or so, and the residents did not know from one day to the next who was staff and who wasn't.  

Basically anyone could walk in, few knew who the regular staff were.  A check on qualifications was blocked by the care home owners itself despite complaint, they used the data protection act and Human rights laws, to prevent identifying staff, being unable to ID staff of course, meant you could not determine their qualifications either.  

Complaining to the LA/SS got nowhere either, what happens is the care home provider sends a list of qualified staff (No names), to the LA as 'proof', but, this does NOT mean those qualified staff are actually in the home your relative is in, they could be in an office, commuting between homes, may even have left the employer months ago, and never replaced. 

The system is wide open to abuse as a result.  The staff turnover of local authority staff is high too, so continuity and regular checks go out the window, sheer chaos in most part. The usual approach is just 1/2 members of staff who have full qualifications are in attendance at the home, there again they may NOT be there to provide 24/7 supervision, because no-one works 24 hours a day.  Most not even 12.

This leaves little cover for patients or residents that require 24/7 support.  The only option then is to send in the heavies to sort it out, but it can go on for years before someone does that.   What the UK sees happening, is once issues are identified, home providers decide to close them rather than comply, and sell sites at a profit, putting the onus back on LA's or the NHS.

The old adage if you pay peanuts you get... apparently is the basis of care provision in the UK. What we see is an 'explosion' of college and other courses being offered on 'care' that don't actually ensure it is enough to care for someone.  It's done on paper mostly.  The only way to get experience is at the homes themselves, that also requires supervision that isn't there long enough, but no effective psyche profile of the staff is done to ensure staff are sufficiently balanced to cope with demanding patients or issues they might present.  

Not everyone is cut out to be a carer, and some (Like the lady in the case quoted), should not be allowed anywhere near vulnerable people.  What we are seeing in this latest news item, are staff who lack the patience to cope properly and totally unsuited to be carers at all.  Combine that with zero hours, low wages, zilch morale etc, the quality of hired help is far too narrow to just people prepared to work in those conditions. 

As regards to CCTV, unless it is independently run and monitored who can rely on it ?  No care home with issues is going to film it's own shortcomings.  Most filming that exposes abuse, are done by relatives, visitors with mobile phones or secret cameras.  Cuts to state funding ensure regular checks to ensure care provision is adequate, are not happening. Obviously there are residents or patients that present very challenging behaviours etc, but those are the most entitled to the best care, not, the worst.

The way the UK treats all its vulnerable and disabled is a world disgrace and abuse of basic human rights.  We are the biggest hypocrites in the world and should be ashamed, instead we proudly boast we support the third world with £B's in aid, that aid money was taken directly away from UK disabled and elderly via cuts to their welfare and support.  To date near 6,300 have died prematurely as a result.  So we are killing our old people and disabled to save the disabled and old elsewhere. Cattle are treated better....

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