Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Deaf Author demands fact about Welsh Deaf support.

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Cedric Moon MBE (Author of the deaf Histories of the Cambrian/Llandrindod deaf schools), continues to lobby systems about the cost of availability, usage, and deaf support in Wales.  

Here is his latest FOI request to gather updates on the current state of BSL help.  ATR will update as and when responses come in.  We thank Cedric for his help, and kind permission to reprint..


1.    Could you tell me please how many Sign Language interpreting assignments were carried out in each of the financials 2010/2011 to 2016/2017.

2.    Could you please tell me how much was paid for these assignments.

3.    Would you please tell me how the assignments were made up in terms of subject, for example health boards, courts etc.

4.    Could you please tell me the same information in relation to the Cardiff and Vales health Board area.

5.    Could please tell me what the same information is for this financial year to date.

6.    Could you please tell me how many sign language interpreters there are on your (WITS) books at the present time.

7.    Could you please tell me how many sign language interpreters there were on your (WITS) books this time last year.

8.    Could you please tell me how many of these assignments (Sign language) were the result of Deaf people directly approaching WITS.

9.    How many of these assignments were the result of approaches from other parties, such as statutory authorities or private concerns.

10. How many lip-speaking assignments were undertaken during the same period and at what cost?

11. How many staff are currently working for WITS?

Yours sincerely

Cedric Moon  MBE

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