Friday, 28 July 2017

Deaf Children Overlooked In Hearing Classrooms

A retired teacher is concerned our province’s deaf and hearing impaired students are being overlooked in the classroom. John Reid says he retired in 2001. He worked at the former school for the deaf.

Reid says while there’s much about inclusion in the premier’s education report, he questions why we didn’t hear more about students with hearing impairment. He says we had a state-of-the-art facility in the school for the deaf, and about 300 students in the province who need it. He told VOCMs Open Line with Paddy Daly, he doesn’t feel the system is giving these students the supports they need.

Reid says while the regular classroom might work for most, it will not work for all. He says these students need additional assistance that he says they cannot get with an interpreter. Tony Byrne says the school for the deaf never should have been shut down. He says the school was a miracle for his son, who is now a mechanic today because of his teachers.

Byrne agrees the inclusion piece isn’t working for all students. He says he knows of four families who have moved out of province to get their children the appropriate education. He says a deaf student in a classroom with an interpreter does not work.

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