Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Deaf Federation calls for more support in schools

The Deaf Federation of SA says something needs to be done urgently to address education needs for deaf scholars in South Africa. This after it compiled a report on the 2016 matric results of deaf scholars in the country which showed a drop in their pass rate The report was based on the results of 12 of the 38 deaf schools in the country.

Odette Swift, who is the director of deaf education at the federation, says at one school in Limpopo, all 63 grade 12 learners failed. She says the national average for Maths Literacy amongst deaf scholars is 36.10% and 18.7% for business studies, something she's described as areas of concern. Swift says there also needs to be teacher training and interventions in the lower grades for deaf scholars.

"In Grade R and Grade 1, they don't understand some concepts. There's a need for research and targeted training for those learners - things like support materials that are also available for hearing learners. There's a test around those - for subjects like Business Studies and Maths Literacy - but none of them are subtitled," she said. 

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