Friday, 7 July 2017

Disabled MP accuses state of eugenic enforcement on benefit claimants.

A current news item where a new disabled MP confuses eugenics with genetics.

ATR is in support of genetic research.  And welfare cuts have nothing to do with genetic research or perceived aims, denying us welfare benefits isn't enforcing 'perfection' on us ! (It is discrimination and unfair).

ATR  volunteered for genetic testing on hearing loss research. Obviously we want safeguards in place, but the right to choose (if a possibility of major alleviation or a cure could exist), must be respected.  We need to allow testing to happen easier too.

We cannot change things much for those with a terminal disability now, but if you could prevent a future generation going through the same thing e.g. your own child, would you just ignore the 'cure' ? On a matter of own principle ? Ergo:  I suffered but coped so you can ?   9 out of 10 parents said they wouldn't, they would demand any cure that existed.  

I understand the debate that those alive now feel a cure is making them look worse because of poor awareness and disrespect, but do feel that is a different argument.  It is all academic anyway as the UK is a leader in genetic research, the USA and Russia, China, and India are keen to adopt it if it works too, we would then be the only country of note allowing future generations to suffer a disability they didn't have to.    Such major countries would perhaps NOT insist on ethical choices either, determined to push forward research to cut the cost of caring for disabled people.  In part such medical areas are responding to consumer demands to address chronic pain etc....

Public opinion would swing against us all if we attempt to stop research continuing.  Why would we ?  we may be happy to be deaf and not want a 'cure' but we still demand a cure to any other issue that limited us, or our children. The fact is we won't get to choose who stays disabled or deaf and who doesn't, we could face legal action from own children for denying THEM a choice, even be called abusers....

Obviously it is all hypothetical at present, but sticking your head in the sand hoping it won't happen just won't work. This week in Wales new DNA research got increased funding to research that may well help many cancer sufferers and those with MS.  Like Canute we can sit there demanding the tide will turn, and just end up soaking wet let's face it, we need to get involved to ensure it is done properly, or the powers to be, will move on and do their own thing regardless.

We already test for down's syndrome.  Deaf parents do as well. Some deaf parents already choose to terminate.  Do we argue better deaf than having Downs ?  The issue is not black and white.  If there is no 'cure' in sight the option is termination, it is when there are clear options, that deaf or disabled will make any real choice.   Peeing in the wind randomly won't achieve anything.  The facts are, that disabled cannot counter real choice, we fight to defend that principle, and as 9 out of 10 of our parents aren't deaf, the choice won't be yours either.

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