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Facebook love-ins with Deaf and HoH ?

family deaf man
Doesn't happen does it ?

It remains to be seen if there is really any real common ground between cultural deaf areas and HoH or deafened ones whilst the argy-bargy of sign language v lip-reading v disability versus et al continues to be a norm.  

The writing appears very much on the wall as regards to HoH or their support groups and charities too, via recent news of consolidations and mergers as rank and file with hearing loss move away from charitable support because they can see it isn't working, whilst there is obviously some interaction on social media, it is still by its nature social by proxy not face to face interaction, we have just moved the goalposts and fooling ourselves remote social discourse is better than nothing ?  After all, since the iphone revolution who needs people or personal interaction on planet Apple or Samsung ?   

ATR believes in people to people, social media is not the way to circumvent that, and why would you want to ?

Because it is 'easier' or less stressful ?  That is avoiding dealing with your issue isn't it ?   If we actually delve into this mutual 'cooperation' in social media, the article actually is a promotion of deaf culture and sign language (BSL/ASL etc), with little or no HoH input.  Once the deaf term is used there is only one issue to promote.   HoH have lost the media ground of awareness and now non-extant as a sector of hearing loss in many parts. Any message they have is drowned out by the massive promotion of sign use. Their issue has been buried by the reality you cannot see hearing loss, the sign user however is ultra visible and it shows as they plough forward all aspects of their own need and have left the HoH behind. 

The HI/HoH sectors are entirely themselves to blame for nil real promotion or awareness of their own needs.    You cannot blame BSL or ASL users for promoting their own needs, it is what HoH should be doing.  UK HoH awareness is an embarrassing and dated concept that focuses on old people, old images,  and clinical approaches. I don't want to see another 'white coat' or 'clinical' advert for hearing loss, and bored rigid with endless 'surveys/consultations' asking how we feel, we are pissed off OK ?  (But not enough of us are).  By comparison the sign user uses PEOPLE and experience and all ages, they are more positive and dynamic and better at awareness.  Recent hearing loss adverts in the UK are downright pathetic let's face it.

The HoH own belief  is in the cure or alleviation approaches, it also pits them directly against mutual access promotions and lobbies with cultural deaf.  HoH  cannot use the same access signers get or demand, but fail to get mutual inclusion when it is there too, because signers don't want text access and interpreters don't speak well in signed videos. They could not be further apart in direction or view as to the way ahead, the result has left the HoH floundering and being increasingly isolated as a result, using social media and technological advance aspects to suggest they are still 'in it'.   That is, if your view of being 'In' is socialising by text only.   That may work for those with hearing and alternatives, but is it working for us ?

The article headline 'Deaf in a hearing family' suggests itself, it is little to do with HoH.  More self promotions of culture and sign use, and at HoH expense.  We would rather see mutual campaigns that recognise oral approaches, the inclusion of our children, be they deaf or hearing impaired in our schools, the end of specialisation by language mode, fully supported access to local services, and more alleviation and medical assaults on hearing loss, more diverse approaches to lip-reading, and 100% captioned videos that signers will comply with also.  

It is still depressing and frustrating to see captioning campaigns promoting un-captioned deaf output, this has to be addressed. You cannot have one law for one area and a different interpretation of that law by someone else when mutual areas all need sign and captions.  This is using a cultural aspect to block real time access.  It is a constant self-inflicting wound on own area.

If there is nothing in awareness for HoH, they are not going to be cooperating at all, and pay 'lip-service' to it, as we see on social medias with the 'live and let live' credo which is in reality the ultimate opt out, as it demands nothing from you in effort, and validates non-cooperation.   It has to be approached in terms of 'what is in it for me  ?'  Mutual support (albeit still less mutual understanding because of sign differences), between ASL and BSL Facebook was a norm of sorts anyway, but it would be wrong to suggest HoH are in on this too, there is no proof that is the case. They would not have the basic captioned access to be included.  ASL output has killed off HoH output online.

Talk and text is cheap, even free, actions speak louder, we just see a status quo where nothing changes for UK HoH except help is less.. and the ongoing demise of its support base, where they are begging for charitable funding and losing out.  Are we to accept the iphone is an acceptable replacement for real people ? After all it works for hearing, except, we aren't are we ?  One world not two.

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