Wednesday, 19 July 2017

It pays to advertise... NOT !

Or does it ?  Does it help to show you cannot hear ? The 'I'm deaf' one does not say what to do next, the face me one does not say how to speak... mostly, people start waving and pointing to you, some weird assumption you are dumb as well as a sign user !

#1 My mum has badges and blings up her hearing aids and still people that are hearing don't pay attention and either ignore them or don't see them or can't be bothered to see them.

#2  I had badges specifically made, people don't bother to read them, gave up wearing them, so when people talk to me facing the other way, I tell them I didn't hear them as they were not facing me. I get tired telling people, it's hard work.

#3  My mum says that it's exhausting as she lip reads and when doing so you use so much concentration.  It's really not good just goes to show how many people don't take notice x

#4  I've found that often people assume that if you wear hearing aids then they fully compensate for your deafness and this isn't the case for lots of people.

#5  Have to add I am often tempted to have a badge made which reads "I'm deaf not stupid!"

[Been done, they ignore those too]

#6  I don't think they serve any purpose at all frankly, you never see deaf people wanting them. Nor cards which say the same thing. Facing us when speaking is still hit and miss if you are a poor lip-reader, and most are, so it tends to complicate rather than help situations. You just need to tell people the best way that works for you, that does require honesty and most with hearing loss are not that ! They always tend to suggest they hear more than they ever do. Deaf refused outright to advertise the fact, they suggest it makes them targets for abuse.

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