Saturday, 22 July 2017

SignHealth on the move.

More charities who feel better off moving 'out of the sticks' to London, that makes 60 major charities in recent years closing down regional offices to go to S. E. England instead. The centralisation of our charities ATR feels, is yet again removing easy access to regional Deaf for support they need.  Charities sitting in an office in London at a computer, isn't how Deaf want to be served. There is a greater demand to put offices where the need actually is.  And it isn't all in London.

SignHealth has announced its departure from Baring Road for the capital in a staggered move at the end of July. Head office will be relocating to a new premises in Balham, south-west London, where an existing project is, in a move to save money and consolidate resources.

Launched in 1985 from a room above the Oxfam shop in the High Street, SignHealth saw continual growth, leaving for Penn before returning to Beaconsfield in 2004.  The charity said the move would allow staff to be closer to teams and service users in London.

It will continue to work with deaf adults and children in Buckinghamshire and will maintain four staff in the south of the county. The charity said it had strong links to the capital, having run services there for many years, and the move will allow it to build and grow.

Abby Herbert said: "We have enjoyed some fantastic local support over the past 30 years and while we hope that much of this will continue, we recognise some will not be possible – a downside of the move."  "We hope to attract more deaf staff in the future, and that will be easier if we are in London," she added. "It has been lovely working with you over the last few years." CEO James Watson-O'Neill added: “The time is right.

“The charity started in Beaconsfield. From there it has grown and grown.  "We want to see that growth continue. Being closer to our services will be a big help.  "We want to continue to improve the health of deaf people in London and beyond.

"SignHealth has an exciting future and this move will give us a much stronger position to build that growth." The headquarters will be based in Oakmead Road, Balham, from the end of July.


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