Monday, 17 July 2017

The lost...

Another video from the lost generation, who feel they need sign language or no-one knows who they are.  This is just using the manual form of communication to identify someone deaf.  It won't actually, as the deaf-politico associates it with Deaf not deaf, so there you go, yet another barrier you have to overcome. In identifying yourself by a mode used, you lie to yourself and distort the reality for others.

Statistics suggest signing deaf, despite being immediately identifiable as such, suffer huge discrimination, live in their own little world, are hugely reliant on other people, and constitute less than 1 in 50,000 of people with deafness or severe loss.  

Those who are deaf who don't sign, or rarely do, aren't 'Deaf', and do not use media to publicised the fact and utilise alternatives to sign language, (Sign has lost out to text, and did years ago), you would need to get away from a  dedicated sign language site to know that, so the key here seems to be, get out a bit more and explore other options before committing yourself as it necessitates a whole social change and mind-set for you.  

There are infinite variations of who the deaf are, in short we are all individuals we aren't a collective, some would argue not a community either, certainly HoH and many severely deaf do not ascribe to that cultural ideal or participate in it.  Sign use alone won't carry you where you need or want to go.  HoH know this, it is why they avoid sites like these and publish few if any links to how they survive deafness and loss, because of the signing obsessions and the reluctance of most HoH to have to rely on an interpreter.

Also they want a cure for being deaf and anti its perpetuation, they drive research and the medical models of hearing loss.  It would help to seek counselling if hearing loss has created issues of an identity, because it doesn't really, it does creates huge issues of access, and seeking the soft option of moving the goalposts in the long run, won't make you happy. It's an opt out in reality.

Using sign will restrict your social sphere to other sign users constricting your world further, look for alternatives. Certainly additional communication modes that will enhance your options to re establish who you were anyway before hearing loss.  Never settle for a singular mode of communication, you must use whatever you have.  Joe public won't sign back at you.

From what we read being a 'born again' Deaf person hardly ever works either  YOU haven't changed, just your hearing has and you need to address that before making any other decision.

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