Tuesday, 18 July 2017

UK sport unfair to the deaf ?

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Complaints UK sporting set ups are failing to provide funding for the deaflympics and TV coverage is failing to advertise the fact the Deaflympics started today in Turkey.

If they accept equality and join the Paralympics or even the main eventers, then they will get support they ask for, this will also push the sporting bodies to include deaf people. 

Many deaf have refused to participate and dissed disabled as unworthy of their mutual inclusion in part, because of deaf V disability politics.  It is clear to see what that attitude has done for the deaf.   Their db rated approach is also highly suss, along with demands for signing only participants in many areas.

The Deaf are in effect asking sporting bodies to support a deaf culture tradition, not a sporting event as such.  The Olympics was designed to accept and include ALL cultures and participants, (providing they qualify of course). They haven't done it, because deaf have gone off on their own and not challenged them except to ask for money to do own thing. While Deaf go it alone, then no-one is going to be concerned they have no access anywhere else.  Inclusion means deaf too.

Question: Where would it end if sporting bodies provided funding by 'cultural background' or 'db' alone ?  

Sport would be the first casualty of that, and competition.  The whole point of inclusion is to get pitched against the best in the world, deaf OR hearing.  No athlete wants anything else, or medals are meaningless.  Being the fastest and best in your own area, doesn't travel on the world stage.

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