Sunday, 9 July 2017

Welsh Senedd updates ATR on Access...

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Highlighted reply: AssemblyCynulliad.

Thank you (ATR) for expressing your concerns and apologies for the delay in responding.

We trialled live BSL interpretation during 2013/14 with S4C and Wales Council for Deaf People. Following comments and feedback from deaf viewers and the BSL interpreters we used, it became clear that the pace and complexity of subject matter discussed during Plenary meetings meant that providing accurate live BSL subtitling of FMQs was not possible. 

During summer 2014 we installed a new digital broadcasting archive which allows us to record, play back and send full broadcast-quality files of proceedings far more easily than the old tape-based system. A benefit of the new system is that we can record the BSL interpretation immediately after First Minister’s Questions has finished, giving the interpreter time to watch the session and prepare notes. This has improved the accuracy and quality, and has been warmly welcomed by the interpreters. 

We currently show signed and subtitled First Minister’s Questions on the our YouTube channel, and the signed version of FMQ on These are published on the sites within 24 hours of the end of the meeting. A new section dedicated to signed proceedings will be set up on the Senedd Extra section of in the next few weeks, making it easier for users to find videos.

[At this time ATR is still awaiting responses from welsh HoH and deaf charities as to why the all-party committee on deafness and loss, collapsed 3 years ago without warning and why it was never accessible to deaf and HoH people...]

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