Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Deaf woman meets family after 56 years.

 Mary's mum Bernadette Sweeney, who gave her up after six weeks in a Catholic mother and baby homeA woman who was taken from her unmarried mum and then rejected by her adoptive parents when she went DEAF has finally met her birth family – after 56 years. Mary Davies was desperate to track down her mum, Bernadette Sweeney, who gave up her baby after being taken in by a Catholic mother and baby unit as a child.

Long Lost Family stepped into help Mary in her quest for the truth. She contacted Long Lost Family who broke the news that her mum was dead – but put her in touch with FIVE siblings she never knew she had. Mary told the Sun Online: “I was devastated to learn that my mother had passed away after the long search. I would have loved to have met her.

“At first I felt really nervous about meeting the rest of the family, as I couldn't believe I had 5 siblings all of a sudden and I wasn't sure how they would feel about me. “They didn't know about me so it was a big shock for them all, but they have welcomed me with open arms and it's like we have known each other our whole lives.”

Mary’s mum Bernadette, from Ireland was young and unmarried when she gave birth to Mary and turned to the church for help. She was put in a mother and baby home run by nuns, in North London, but when she was six weeks old, Mary was placed with an adoptive family.

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