Sunday, 13 August 2017

Fireman helps deaf woman stranded...

A scary moment for one woman quickly turned into a rescue mission when flood waters left her stranded. “I was hollering for her but she ended up being deaf,” says Andy Singletary, a lieutenant for the Jackson Fire Department.

Crews originally thought two children were still trapped inside of the car. But thankfully Singletary had an unexpected skill, “luckily I knew sign language, so I was able to communicate with her, and ask her if anybody else was still in the car.”

“If it hadn’t been for Andy, being able to communicate and get that information for us it would of been a lot more complicated than it was, but luckily my partner knew what he was doing,” says fellow fire fighter Greg Altorfer. Everyone was able to get out of the car and crews were able to bring the woman to safety.

Singletary says though this skill came in handy on this call, his team is what comes through on every call, “it’s always about team work, because you’re never going to have the same call, even though, say you get a house fire, it’s never going to be the same exact house fire. Every one’s going to be different every calls going to be different you’re going to have to deal with different people and you just always need your team work.”

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