Saturday, 12 August 2017

New VR access for sight impaired and Deaf.

The European company in question, Greta & Starks, specializes in developing tech for hearing or vision impaired persons. Their new deaf-friendly VR headset is called “Starts AR.”

Here’s how Next Reality explains the device, which is still in pre-production:

“Starks AR resembles a call center headset, except the arm that would hold the microphone rests at variable angles in front of the wearer’s eye. A micro display, similar to those seen on Google Glass, streams subtitles in any language to the user’s field of view.”

While many other startups continue to work towards aiding the hearing impaired through software and hardware both, Starts AR represents the first crack that I have seen any company take towards pairing the limitless world of VR with tech to aid those with heading impairment. The organization is planning a crowdfunding campaign — due to launch Sept. 6 — in order to fund the creation of the device. Greta & Starks has previously made apps, so the hardware they’re planning will be a step in a new direction for the company.

It’s certainly a welcome one: As our world develops into the tech future we’ve hoped for, we won’t want to leave those with any disabilities in the dust.

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