Wednesday, 9 August 2017

World class Deaf Academy at Exeter..

Plans to create a world class Academy to transform education and care services for Deaf children, young people, and their families, have been submitted. The Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education is aiming to complete its move to the former Rolle College site in Exmouth by 2018/19, paving the way for new housing on its eight-acre site in Topsham Road.

Following consultation earlier in the year, plans have now been submitted to East Devon District Council for the redevelopment. The proposals will see the majority of the existing buildings demolished, but not the Owen Building, and it is proposed that the popular community theatre will reopen for community use.

The key points of the application include:

- A new centrally located main school building, likely to be arranged around a central learning forest, providing a lively and engaging learning space

- Existing main vehicular access along Douglas Avenue will remain for school drop off and parent parking, with an additional pedestrian link from Rolle Road, providing a clear connection from the site to the town centre

- Staff parking to the rear of the site with access from Fairfield Road

- The land to the east of the site sits within the conservation area and includes the listed Eldin building and greenhouse. This area is not included within the current proposals

- Student accommodation is to be located towards the centre of the site, creating a buffer zone between the school and the Eldin building. The existing brick walls and mature vegetation surrounding this area of the site provide a more private feel, suited to student living.  

The proposal will provide a school for approximately 100 children and young people between seven and 25 years of age. Of the 100 pupils, up to 50 could be boarding, and the boarding accommodation will be provided by three storey new town houses.

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