Thursday, 21 September 2017

Access to Work: What for ?

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From HoH social media feedback. 

What is the reasoning behind paying up to £42K a year to keep the 'Deaf'  in a job ?  There must be a better use for this money than to support the fact if the state don't support you, the employers certainly won't ?   Is it just to fund the very dependent sign using areas to access their own Arts and cultural areas ?  (Read via the ATR blog site)...

I'm wondering what the hell we are all doing campaigning for an equality law... that is only partially working for a minority of those with hearing loss.  In respect of the majority of A2W funding, the BSL user takes up near all of it. ATR blog said of a case a few years ago where one deaf man had £96,000 in support grants for just one year, and many felt it unjustified because he failed to attain the qualifications after due to poor literacy skills and really should not have got it on that basis, and he should have been supported to be more literate instead.... 

All sorts of issues were raised about the value of dedicated deaf education, and even sole use of sign language, that appear to laud poor literacy.. The complaint was rejected as discriminatory and validated by a right to sign.   I just wonder if ANY HoH of note or deafened actually claimed this allowance at all ? I don't know any that have... and, if so, what type of support is it ? 

Most deaf don't use sign, a lot rely on text or lip-reading, own voice, and denied A2W support funding. HoH are told to just turn the Hearing aid volume up, or ask for a loop ! The criteria seems very ambiguous, with little onus ON employers to do their bit, and the majority of A2W claimants are working in BSL areas and charities....  which suggests the grant of support is NOT empowering them to move outward, simply consolidating what they have. 

Access should have a bottom line of aiding real integration and inclusion...  we aren't seeing the deaf do that.... In real terms only the sign user has ever gained from A2W. Maybe time for THAT discrimination to end ?