Friday, 15 September 2017

D/d 'in-fighting' is it destroying equality ?

My thoughts and feelings toward people dictating the use of the word "disability" and the supposed negative connotations associated with the word, as well as infighting in Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities regarding who gets to be considered "deaf" and problems with ignoring the hearing spectrum.


This is the corner-stone of most of my presence online, having to 'defend' the fact I am deaf, not sign reliant and haven't a deaf culture, despite being deaf longer than many of the people saying I am not... really !  Who are these people trying to tell me who I am ?

What started out as justifying an identity based on a disability, and via way of using a manual language to communicate to enforce the cultural concept, has been hugely successful in creating awareness, but only for a small sector of deaf people, it only looks huge because so many Deaf are all in one place, step outside the doors.... so real awareness, acceptances etc get applied in a  very limited fashion to a very small area.  The above vblog is one of 5 I have seen this week fed up with cultural promoters dissing 'd'eaf people, a term they but not us use, and one we have to challenge as wrong, every time the we come into contact with the system.  It's as if it is  new swear term for us or claiming there is a D versus d war going on..

The kickback of successful ID/Cultural promotion is it has overridden awareness and support for everyone else.  I don't think non-cultural deaf or HoH are anti-culture, just anti the negative promotion and misguided-ness of most of it and of course completely in denial about their own profound loss, given they take the LARGEST share of hearing loss support and the MOST expensively supported sector of hearing loss in our respective worlds, and yet to use any of it to become included.... in case culture alone won't carry them.

There is no  doubt that existing in a very small world, isolated and totally reliant on peers, tends to give you a very narrow perceptive of the hearing world and indeed others with hearing loss if you don't really mix with them anyway, HoH/deaf equal hearing.  By far the biggest problem  is the assault on universal access by the cultural deaf, if they went inclusive instead of exclusive more common ground and Less aggravation and frustration would take place. Lack of captions, systems being told all deaf sign etc... assaults on  loss alleviation's, name calling, political campaigns that ignore the most with an issue, that suggest they speak for that majority too, is misleading and annoying when it isn't corrected.

Attempts to correct, get listed as 'attacks on cultural deaf', what it is is a response to misleading awareness campaigns and false declarations.  E.G. Deaf arts via disability funding ?  who are they kidding ? (Themselves obviously).. all this undermines support for others,

It could be argued the 'majority' should fight their own battles, factually they don't have a grouping or unity or the access support to do it, they are far less served in real terms than the 'Deaf' are.  In the UK 'Deaf' support is a national set up, there is NO 'deaf' set up at all.   Division by db and communication mode is being encouraged by hearing and Deaf alike.

There IS a 'smugness' about having a culture and language with some deaf, it is highly misplaced when you look at their sheer dependency on others, that it needs to function.  A clear description of a sector DISABLED.  There is nothing wrong in pride, except what inevitably follows after... I would deem access and equality a total FAILURE, if the total sum of my equality and access, means it only functions within a Deaf world and nowhere else.  The 'I's' are missing INCLUSION, and INTEGRATION.  While those culturally aspiring oppose those in the name of their culture, they will never achieve what they want to, and annoy the shit out of us too.

Our problem is to prevent the activists labelling us all the same as them, as this detracts from ensuring we have what we need... Most of their awareness is aimed in-house, so pointless anyway preaching to the converted. If they want a real fight get out there.    I share the v-bloggers frustration, but do not expect any of the cultural deaf care one bit. Their activists are looking paranoid and self-obsessed, using isolation as a cause celeb. Inevitably this will continue to isolate all Deaf from the rest of the community. So no change there then.