Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Deaf, Autistic, Free, and a licence to kill.

Georgia Fields, an autistic and profoundly deaf woman, leaves the Supreme Court in Melbourne after being granted bail.
An autistic and deaf Melbourne woman who helped murder her friend's housemate has avoided jail and will instead live in her family home under a court order, which has angered the victim's family.

But the Victorian Supreme Court found its only option besides prison was to allow 21-year-old intellectually challenged woman Georgia Fields to live in the community under a strict supervision order.  The two intellectually disabled men who helped murder 36-year-old Robbie Wright have been sent to a secure residential treatment facility, but there is no equivalent for women with intellectual disabilities or cognitive impairments.

Mr Wright's sister, Karen Wright, said she found it difficult to comprehend Fields was allowed to continue living at home with her parents. "She gets to spend Christmas and birthdays like nothing happened," Ms Wright said. "It makes me really frustrated and very angry that the non-custodial sentence has actually permitted her to do that."