Saturday, 23 September 2017

Deaf kids school bus trashed...

Callous thieves have left children with hearing impairment high and dry after stealing parts off their school minibus.

Pupils at Catwg Primary School in Neath have been left devastated after the minibus, which is frequently used for school trips, was vandalised and parts from the engine were stolen. It means the van is now out of action. Head teacher Carol Bassett, said: “The caretaker arrived at the school first thing on Wednesday morning, he spotted the bus on the field.

“It’s usually parked in the car park but it had been pushed onto the field. “The bus was donated by variety club, a children’s charity, it’s dreadful what has happened, it’s hugely disappointing, the children are really upset.” The damage of the bus is so bad that the school can no longer use it.

“The locks and doors have been destroyed, parts from the engine have also been stolen,” the head teacher added “We have to find out how much the damage will cost and then it will be repaired, we don’t know how long it will take.