Saturday, 23 September 2017

Deaf Teenager gets eight A* GCSEs

Jessica Olliver
Get ahead, get a CI ?  Teenager says eight A* GCSEs show deaf children can avoid underachieving tag.  A deaf teenager is celebrating after gaining eight A*s at GCSE and says her results show deaf children can overcome the “stereotype” of underachieving.

Jessica Olliver, from Hove, East Sussex, achieved her top grades, as well as a seven and six in English and two As and a B, at Brighton College. The 16-year-old, who was born profoundly deaf but had cochlear implants at aged two and eight, said: “I’m quite pleased with my results, I didn’t expect that at all, when I opened the paper I was really shocked.”

Jessica said her disability had made her more determined and added: “Because I hear significantly less than others then it’s like I have to work more to be able to hear what the teacher says, so I have to strain more in classes so sometimes I get more tired than others.

“Overall, the main issue, my language was a lot less than everyone else’s because I only started talking when I was three which was a lot later than everyone else and I had to work to catch up with everyone else but I think I got there.”