Sunday, 10 September 2017

Deaf/HoH: What is it like ?

We are always grateful when accessible posts are made raising the issues we face, but really such posts should NOT be made to us, we know what it is like, and should be posted to mainstream/hearing areas or no awareness gets raised. YouTube has no influence to redirect such awareness to where it counts, so it relies on hearing people looking for such posts.  

Indeed the 'tab/search' system directs people AWAY from mainstream, because the perception is it is related post to a specific localised area of hearing loss.  Maybe we should tag deaf or HoH posts with pop star names and politicians, and such.  Look at what is trending and the tag your posts with those so it gets to the wider audience, do not tag all awareness posts with deaf, Deaf, hearing loss, hearing aids, CI's, CC, ASL, BSL or HoH etc, it puts the awareness in a corner of specialisation.  People searching for news don't type 'awareness' in via a search, but the tags mentioned above.