Monday, 11 September 2017

No More Heroes ?

Image result for inspirational porn
Inspirational Porn.  It feeds paternalism, pigeon-holes disabled and deaf people, and creates an underclass spoon-fed by charity and mostly dependent, who suggest it is 'empowerment' so something else..   

That empowerment is still coming from individuals not the system.  Sadly we contribute to the poor and oppressed me, by extolling the fact someone deaf or disabled has made a name for his or herself by simply doing what many able bodied person can do anyway. Hell, we even make 'celebrities' of them for doing it.  We feed it ourselves.

What affects our ability to do things is poor access and no real empowerment, the fact some can 'succeed' without that, doesn't ask the question why we have to do it. Role models ? Even this does not identify the need for them or how effective that actually is. Substitute hearing patronisation, for better-abled deaf equivalents ? How do they measure role modelling effectiveness ?  because THEY have succeeded against the odds ? to what degree and how ? and where are they now ?   Read here, no more heroes..

Instead of lauding what is normal anyway for most, how about attacking the reason the image is there ?