Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sport: Just not as we understand it.

Image result for on the outside looking inDeaflympic supporters still angry UK Sport is depriving them of funding and calling it discrimination. 

Arguments that the Paralympics is being prioritised in preference was also stated.  Few Deaflympic fans seem to appreciate disabled people have a valid reason for going it alone, and the deaf do not.

Basically,  the Deaflympics is non-inclusive and non-competitive in real terms because the competition is not world class, or times have been achieved to enable deaf to participate. Deaf counter, that they receive no funding, support or coaching that others do to attain qualifications in the real event, but the sticking point is an adamant refusal to participate in the main events in favour of a cultural approach.  I sign, therefor am unable to compete against hearing people.  In short deaf want their cake and to eat it on their own.

In can be debated why should UK sport, support a system where hearing and deaf do not compete against each other, while the Deaf insist they have a disability and at the same time insist their preferential identity has nothing to do with disability at all ?   This did not prevent 'Deaf' areas using disability funding for Deaf arts etc..... when it suits... They are neither deaf disabled or hearing is the the bottom line,  and expect mainstream to support that despite no statistical evidences being provided

They operate some weird system of access/qualification by db or communication mode for potential competitors ? Again providing no statistical evidence to back it up. Sport is about competition not culture.  The Olympics about inclusion not segregation, all cultures are welcome... Deaf should be lobbying for that inclusion, then they would get funding and equality too. If we want to raise 'Deaf sports' above school sports images, or part-time and minority interest level, then they have to make that move to be included. 

Deaflympics is a 'culture fest' not a sporting one.  In the UK the cultural base, is being decimated and harder to identify... Deaf athletes should have the right to compete against ALL comers, not just other Deaf people.  It's not competition as we know it, how will they attain real Olympic or sporting status ?  The old adage you have to be in it, to win it holds true.  The proof is on the track.... The argument there is too much ambiguity about Identity issues with Deaf activism, has led Sporting bodies to adopt the disability ID for the deaf, as they are still refusing to be included amidst able-bodied, what other view can they take than suggest they join paralympians ?

As regards to including the Deaf with the Paralympics, this is not right, Deaf are able bodied, and if they aren't THEN they should be included in the Paralympics, else, should be competing against hearing in the main event.  By avoiding this option, this demeans the deaf athlete, and suggests they can never do what other athletes can do, which again re-enforces the disability ID.  Hearing are always better than we are, best not to attempt to prove differently.  Crabs always tend to move sideways, if it works for them, why not the Deaf too ?

Just because people sign and go to deaf clubs, this excludes them from equality by default, Deaflympics has a very poor attitude toward their own sportspeople !  You only get better by being competitive, not by being big fish in own small ponds, regardless if other world deaf do the same, it is still segregating Deaf sporting participants from everyone else...  Pretty soon the Deaf with their current attitudes will have no participants to send anywhere.  The last 3 Deaflympics suggest participation has been decimated because of rigid and misguided attitudes based NOT on sport, but Deaf politics.

Standing alone demands you have the back up and cash to do it, the Deaf don't.  Inclusion demands participation. The same politics that demand Deaf Art, Deaf everything else, to the exclusion of others, including 10m in the UK with hearing loss, and, 15,000 acknowledged signing UK deaf. The lack of 'representation' speaks for itself, Deaf politics has hindered, indeed obstructed, the advance of deaf rights and equality in sport. 

They will always remain a minority with no inclusion if they continue as they do, this may well play into the martyrdom that feeds deaf activism, but, what of grass roots ? and indeed everyone else with hearing loss who don't want to be on the outside looking in ?  Increasingly Deaf directions are about becoming exclusive and segregationist, NOT what we are about. We endure many discrimination's against us already, we don't need nor want fellow Deaf adding to it.