Monday, 18 September 2017

UK in the dock...

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6,000 disabled dead before their time because the UK government withdrew their support and allowances and send it to a very dubious and corrupt 3rd world, who promptly spent it this way:

Pakistan: A country that promotes terrorism and denies females an education or equality.

India:  A country that used UK funding to improve its missile arsenal aimed at Pakistan.

Turkey:  Who attacked those fighting ISIS and sent a million migrants to EU despite blackmailing the EU and us to keep them there.

Nigeria:  A country run by a junta who spent the money on Swiss accounts, weapons, and private jets, and operates one of the biggest internet hacking areas in the world that targets democracy, while denying its own people equality.

France: So that it maintains its own borders.

So far deaf and disabled in the UK have lost £13B a year this way, just so the UK can 'look good' as a caring country. We urge Americans to demand no trade deals until the UK respects human rights.  The UK has been found guilty and is ignoring the UN, what hypocrites.