Friday, 8 September 2017

Welfare assessments ?

Image result for what is the problem ?Why they fail the Deaf and HoH, and how the Deaf & HoH fail to fess up to it ?  Here are some areas I noted those with hearing loss have..

A deaf or seriously hearing impaired person may not have effective speech, and have difficulties being understood.

Can have learning/literacy/mental health issues.

Can be a sign language user who has difficulties in accessing information effectively any other way.

Is reliant on an interpreter, and requires support he or she needs to be familiar with.  That support will not extend, to the street.

May need daily help to manage medication. Have an ongoing illness that needs daily attention.

Needs support to interact in meetings with system professionals such as Drs, Social Services, Dentists, opticians, DWP officers, and care providers, etc

Need support to undertake shopping.

Can suffer confusion in crowded areas and streets.

Be unable to interact with the general public alone.

Issues accessing public transport, (e.g. busses/trains etc), to read or understand timetables, to ask for fare or tickets, directions, etc.

Using telephones (The deaf person may have eyesight issues), so cannot order taxis/meals etc or even goods to be delivered to the home.

Difficulties attending cinemas/restaurants, or access other public venues, either because of distances to accessible areas, or inaccessible venues where help would be required to follow.

Poor literacy and grammar issues that will make reading difficult, e.g. letters from the systems/relatives, which will need context and explanations. This extends to newspapers/magazines and even subtitled TV.

Issues utilising internet  technology, or having access to it for older people, who are the majority with hearing loss.

Help to manage finances/bank accounts.

To access health/999/Local Authorities effectively.

Hard of hearing suffer many similar issues, where background noises which are unavoidable, render hearing aid use problematic, this cuts across all social and major health areas too. Most are not sign users and do not have access to effective support at all. Loop systems and visual alerts are not installed in 95% of most necessary areas. 

Lip-reading is only 30% effective, even if you are trained in it, it doesn't mean 30 equals 100%, and that is reliant on effective and clear unobstructed speech being used.   There are no national campaigns to push clear speaking to the deaf or HoH.  Again the individual's ability dictates effectiveness and has to be determined. I am sure there are a lot more issues with HoH to include. I've been out of that 'loop' a while !

It all suggests that assessment of need, be it via welfare qualifications or basic medical ones, are not inclusive of actual or contributory issues, or is assessing background effectively..  Should this be undertaken in a  clinical environment with a psychiatrist ?  Given trauma complicates access effectiveness too ?

It may well be HoH let pride/denial prevent them accepting their problems,  and the Deaf refusing to accept they have one at all, despite utilising the Lion's share of all support.  

All in all it suggest hearing loss is far lesser the problem, more, that there is the  refusal to accept you have it.