Saturday, 9 September 2017

Why Sign and Talk ?

The reason many don't talk even when they are able, is because they know/assume mainstream immediately equates speech with hearing and it creates difficulties in communicating after.

However 'Playing dumb' (Or assuming sign language users are), is not exactly a view supported by deaf sign using people. No matter how difficult it is to convince people speech does not equal hearing we have to keep hammering that message home, or, mainstream will always assume people who are deaf are not able to speak too, (Or understand basic English either), and this undermined the 'deaf' who do NOT sign and, want to see accurate awareness portrayed not some 'image' that isn't even proven.

I'm always suss about 'born again' deafies who adopt the position of deaf activism as some 'cause celeb' without researching into the fact of deafness and loss, even denying their own experiences, and how, such people react or get affected by it. It isn't some'Utopian' ideal where all deaf people happily sign together and then ride off into the sunset, it is pain mostly, and endless issues keeping yourself in the scheme of things.  Mostly and at best it is some form of 'Velvet prison' they live in.

It also undermines any attempt by moderates to gain equality for us, when a small sector are some law to themselves and do not want inclusions, because they have no faith in themselves it can survive in mainstream, and feel everyone is against them..... By supporting no speech with sign use, you make it harder for everyone else, including those who watch deaf YouTube output and see sign with nothing else included, who also rely on captioning, this actually EXCLUDES 80% of deaf people.  All deaf do not sign, all deaf are not mute.  Without useful speech how would you manage the mainstream ? none of them sign, and the UK e.g. has NO system whereby deaf are supported about their daily lives either, why would any deaf person not use whatever helps them to communicate, be it speech or pencil and paper, to prove a point that goes over most people's heads ? 

'I've got a language and a culture..' fine, but what else ?  It isn't equality, inclusion, acceptance, understanding or access is it ?


[Video Description: Rikki outside wearing a black and white hat that says “Studio71” and a grey tank top. She is using ASL in this video.]

[marker writing]

[Pokemon game sound]

Hello! Good morning! What’s up? I'm sick today. My throat hurts. 

My name is Rikki Poynter [sign name]. I'm a mainstreamed deaf person who has been learning ASL for the last two years. Last year, I made a video called… Actually, I forgot the title but it was about my interpreters cancelling on me. I needed interpreters for an event and they cancelled on me at the last minute. That video was in ASL. I was voice off in that video. I read a comment on that video that said something like, "Since you can talk, why not talk?"

My answer is that, yes, I can talk and I have good speech, but if I'm using ASL, ASL doesn't use voice. So why would I want to voice? SimCom is a bad thing to do. I don't like using SimCom. So… I don’t do it. 

My first language is English. I like English. I like yelling, yelling swear words out loud. It’s fun, but I like ASL too. If I'm practicing ASL, I'm not going to SimCom. The only time I SimCom is if I'm with hearing and deaf people in the same room. Or if I’m livestreaming. But in videos, no. I've sometimes voiced a few words in videos, but... whatever. But I won't do it in a full ASL video. 

So a message to you hearing folks out there: You guys have a lot of access in this world. You don’t need me to voice for you. I always have captions on these videos. 

Okay, there is one circumstance. Blind viewers benefit from captions or a VoiceOver, but I can't do that. It's difficult for me to do my own voiceover. So I have transcripts available if a video is in ASL. I like ASL and when I practice ASL, I'm not voicing. If you're not a fan of that, I'm sorry. 

Is there anything else that I need to say? I don't think so.

I'm still fluent in English, so, yes, I will still voice in some videos. But I'm also going to do some videos in ASL. If you don't like that, you'll have to get over it. Just understand that there will always be captions on my videos, okay? 

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