Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Assistance Dogs

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1 in 6 Australians are affected by hearing loss, with approximately 30,000 people with complete hearing loss.

“Hearing loss is an invisible disability. People aren’t aware of sounds that we often take for granted,” says Chief Executive Officer of Lions Hearing Dogs David Horne. 

The dogs are specially trained to assist the deaf by alerting and directing their carer to a number sounds that the carer may be unable to hear. These can range from common household noises to, in more extreme cases, fire alarms.

The dogs also provide emotional benefits - hearing dogs can give carers feelings of independence, comfort and security. The responsibility that is required to care for the dog is also accompanied with an additional sense of companionship. “People who suffer from hearing loss suffer and are isolated. Hearing dogs can encourage community participation and help clients regain socialisation and improve independence.”

ATR COMMENT:  At the risk of suffering eternal damnation from pet lovers, HOW, does a dog break down the real isolation people have, experiencing huge difficulties of social and communication isolation ?

We all know the value of having a pet, but they aren't PEOPLE, they cannot talk, and it is other people we need to be with too, to break down the barriers that are preventing our inclusion.  Is it just on the fact people will all walk up to you and pat the dog's head ? they are engaging with the pet not you.  Because that is what it amounts to, are we just seeing random people doing that and then really engaging with the main reason you are isolated ?  DO Let us know.

Pet lovers are not always people includers...

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