Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Buying into the deaf dream

The price for ex-hearing is far too high, and, unnecessary.

Just be yourself.  Once we start chasing our tails and get ID's confused we are all in a world of unnecessary pain.  The 'issues' of ID are political mostly, with allusions to cultural status, but neither of those or the communications we use, make sense if it doesn't facilitate effect communication to others and breaks the cycle of isolation.  You can lose your hearing friends of a lifetime as you 'assume the position'.

Isolation no matter how pretty the wallpaper is, is still Isolation.  We in the UK have noticed far too many areas of the deaf in the USA being obsessed with terms and labels, some too ridiculous and obscure to print here, and has developed its own extremes. Cult-followers of deafhood, (an ideology based on an UK fairy tale), and anti-CI/genetics/hearing aid areas e.g.  Moving inward to deaf areas is bad for hearing, you can develop paranoia, and 'why me' issues and get angry at anyone who has that you don't, be it a community or a few more db.

These things just confuse, upset, and depresses people, who cannot be what others want them to be or insists they are, it's made some who lose hearing, uncertain and vulnerable, just do what is best for you, you cannot be a born-again deafie just because you now cannot hear, so why spend a lifetime as a spectator looking on? Mastering sign language won't replace your hearing.  It's an ingrained part of you.

I find it a real puzzle really, an Interpreter would have any sort of struggle with an ID.  One assumes someone in that position would have few difficulties communicating to the deaf, but as we see, hearing outs doesn't it?  It's one thing mixing with and then going home to a hearing environment, quite different when you lose hearing too, decisions have to be made early on to improve hearing communications.  What you are, you stay.  Why would you want to be someone else when you were happy before as you were? 

Much more preferable we encourage erstwhile hearing to accept themselves, if only for peace of mind.  Chasing the dream is hard when you get to wake up.....