Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Declaring your disability to an employer..

Typical legal speak, but showing a huge misconception of the reality. How on earth can a blind person, or a deaf signer or someone in a wheelchair hide the fact he or she is disabled?  Why would they?  So that if an employer says they cannot accommodate them in an interview (Because the disability was not mentioned on a CV), they are wide open to being sued? That is not going to do disabled applicants or their peers any good is it?

Initially, a CV would have to be in braille for the blind person, and a request put in for an interpreter for the signer.... UNless both areas utilise someone NOT disabled to do the forms for them, then this poses issues of fraud!  DOH!  Just legals looking for work.  They are encouraging secrecy to make money and making deaf and others an issue to employers.