Thursday, 15 February 2018

What do we WANT cured ?

Image result for deaf do not want to be cured!They said in 1994/5 a cure for deafness would emerge in less than 5 years, unsurprisingly it hasn't happened with 46 different genes capable of destroying your hearing, various illness' making you deaf, and exposure to noise adding to it daily. 

There seems an acceptance of the inevitability of hearing loss and its issues, a complacency even  As if that wasn't enough, there are a sector of people deaf who apparently see loss and deafness as a born and cultural right and oppose research or alleviations that can help others. It's hard for us to accept anyone defending the right to not hear except, mainly made by those who had no choice or option anyway, and made a virtue of exclusive isolation. 

They insist it isn't a coping mechanism and made a right of that too.  Sadly it means disappointment and annoyances when those traumatised by the loss of hearing are then told to get a grip, quit whining, and to adopt second-rate status to signers and adopt a culture instead, where they are always viewed, outsiders. 

Related imageHoH/deafened must create a clear line between themselves and these people because they are losing the awareness battle to a minority who don't include others.  The conundrum is the remit to include deaf and HoH which was foisted on us in the 1990s as a sop to equality and claiming support.  Along with that was the right of recognising the individual need, which removed the ability of equality campaigners to insist on global equality options, each issue had to fight alone as 'each according to need' sidelined the statistical and numerical approaches.

Deaf were also quick to use the remit to include their campaigns with the numerical statistics of the whole, including those who don't sign and the HoH, so a minority became a majority overnight as the remit was openly abused, they took it a stage further by re-opening stand-alone cultural and signing areas and charities where HoH never went, but still used the national hearing loss statistic to push own need.  HoH who tried to push HoH issues alone were rounded upon and attacked as being 'non-inclusive of the deaf cultural person', 'paranoid and unaccepting' even, it was and is, very unfair bias and misuse of rights, and in part, one hearing loss sector attacking another.

Sadly the HoH and deafened decided to just go with the individual approaches and left the campaign lobbies wide open to an aggressive signing areas, so have themselves entirely to blame for lack of progress in hearing loss support and the defeat of hearing loss awareness and its issues, which is now reduced to the 'clinical/medical model.   A model being attacked as an 'attempt' to undermine the 'Deaf' community.

Online the HoH have lost the awareness gig too as ASL and BSL areas swamp online with their needs and issues.  There, ASL and BSL are linked directly, again via erroneous 'tags' which prevent HoH issues being seen without a signing input or even replaced by it.  Anyone searching online for 'HoH' or 'hard of hearing', or even hearing loss, will be directed to a signing site, and often without access for HoH.

The problem is the acceptance of the 'D' for the deaf, we cannot isolate that area need from the hearing loss one and an entirely different sector with alternative need. The HoH has been sidelined, lack leadership, and allowing it all to happen. In one UK survey, 94% responded they wanted to hear.  Sadly, unless they are mice or gerbils there is not much chance at present.