Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The silence.... and Sedatephobia.

Fear of Silence Phobia - SedatephobiaMuch deaf ado about nothing regarding feedback of the film 'A Quiet Place'

The film was not about deaf people or sign language, it is about the fact silence unsettles hearing people and that aspect was used to create a horror film.  Only the deaf online are equating the film with deaf issues and language.  In reality, silence is a serious issue to cope with, as is relatively quiet, as people who are losing hearing know, and why a number develop mental health issues being unable to hear any more.  

We know the 'Deaf' ridicule the issue of silence because most who state that view had no hearing of use to start with so have NOT been put to the test of adapting to it, indeed did NOT suffer hearing loss in many parts.  We at ATR can recall when born deaf here in the UK, (i.e. deaf people who were born with no useful hearing whatever), at the adult stage were offered CI's.

There was a concern by deafened and HoH that they would not benefit by a CI having been brought up in a total 'Deaf' environment.  Two women decided they would opt for a CI, one, took to it but kept signing regardless and it was found she had actually turned it off 80% of the time.  The other preserved for 2 months then asked the hospital to remove it as she could not cope with sound, so 'A noisy place' wasn't for them.  She was criticised by peers for having a CI, and decided a CI wasn't worth risking her social life for.

It would appear not only hearing are unnerved by silence and quiet, but so are deaf with sound.  What we read online is just further opportunism by deaf activism to highlight the use of sign in media, but they appear to have missed the real point of the film.  Silence isn't golden in this case, it is a lifesaver.

What is Sedatephobia ?