Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Charites who Betrayed the disabled: Withdraw from their support?

One social media poster lays it on the line, name and shame the charities who sided with a UK government who oversaw 1,000s of deaths of disabled and elderly, were found guilty in the Human Rights Court, but never paid the price, so the charities could still get funds, and then signed a disclaimer never to criticise what they do.

Poster:  Charities don't exist, they are business' or wannabee business outlets pimping off the care industry and being run by well-meaning people working for nothing to keep charity CEO's in £100,000 in wages a year. It's pretty profitable if they get well in with the state and get regular funding handouts or the lottery hands them cash. 

Currently near £7B a year, so not peanuts, hence they hire corporate strategists and bean counters from the jobs for the boy's corporate sites. We are just a commodity they can make money on, and few if any of them allow US to run our own care and support area or decide how it is dispensed, they won't 'bite the hand that feeds' or support our rights campaigns. I asked for an FOI request from 15 national UK charities (including 5 major deaf and HoH ones), to name those who had signed up to a 'be nice to the DWP ministers' clause and they refused, claiming charity is 'exempt' from an FOI request. 

If they have nothing to hide, why would they refuse? We are talking about the UK's MAJOR charitable sites, with a turnover of many millions a year, refusing to back their 'clients/stakeholders'. (Or as they describe us, the mugs).  We can start by refusing to accept any 'care or support' from charities we find out are NOT acting in our best interest, if anyone has such a list with proof I'd print it, and then ask the charity commission withdraws their charitable status.

First, we have to REMOVE the charity commissioners themselves because the state planted a 51% majority of yes men to run it.  A stacked deck? BELIEVE IT!

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