Monday, 30 July 2018

Deaf have to up their game...

These type of simplistic and naive vids do nothing to raise awareness at all, and ATR refuses to believe people will run away from you if you are deaf. The format suggests a child does it.  A simply put explanation of the best way communication can be facilitated is the most effective, I've never had anyone run away when I explain I am deaf!

If you have no voice use other means etc... demanding sign won't work, the probability of walking the streets and meeting a sign-conversant person are 1,000s or more to 1. 

Where is this video published?  Where only deaf looking for it can see it?  Just because it is on youtube does not actually mean more hearing will see it.  You have to use specific search options first.  Would hearing use that?  'Tag' abuses are a norm, both with hearing and with deaf.  You could search for 'deaf awareness/deaf' and get flower arranging or 'slime' vids.  

Bear in mind 300 HOURS of videos are uploaded to youtube every single minute you have to compete with!.  The complete downer is most will never see it..... as ATR displays.  Try HERE!

Oops removed after this blog went up.

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