Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Domestic abuser can't use deafness as an excuse.

Norman, 36, was told he would not treated differently to a hearing personHow sad some deaf are so reliant on each other, they will put up with abuse from partners and peers... Maybe 'community' isn't what it is cracked up to be?

A district judge told a man who was completely deaf that he would not be treating him any differently to a hearing person after he attacked his partner who suffered from a similar disability. Robert Norman, who is also non-verbal, argued with the victim at their home in Glastonbury and then lost his temper, punching her repeatedly on the back and thigh. But although his solicitor Neil Priest said that the victim wanted him back home as they were “each other’s support system”, District Judge David Taylor said the defendant would not be treated in any different way by the court system just because he had communication difficulties.

He said the victim had felt frightened in her own home and was repeatedly assaulted by the defendant who also had a previous conviction for an offence committed in a domestic context.  Norman, 36, of Dunstan Road, Glastonbury, pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner by beating her during the incident on May 24.

Prosecutor Christine Hart said that the couple had been in a relationship together for three years, and on the day in question police received a call from Social Services who were concerned about the safety of the victim.

“Officers attended the couple’s address and although communication was difficult it was disclosed that the defendant had assaulted his partner,” she said. “The complainant’s mother later confirmed to the officers that Norman had assaulted her daughter and sent them an email of a red mark on her thigh, although no injuries were initially seen by the police.

“The complainant had been taken to her mother’s house for safety and when she later made a statement she said there had been an argument between the pair of them and Norman lost his temper and punched her to the back two or three times between her shoulder blades and then punched her right thigh.”

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