Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Gays angry at Netfilx...

The Fab 5 of Netflix's 'Queer Eye.'I Rely On Closed Captions to Enjoy a Show And I Don't Appreciate Netflix's Way of Censoring Them

When Netflix first rebooted Queer Eye as an original series, I binged the first season in record time, revelling in the joy of the Fab 5. Their easy kindness, even in the face of surprisingly difficult conversations, was a welcome respite from the toxic masculinity that plagued headlines across 2018. Fortunately for me and other fans, the second season (which was filmed at the same time as the first) dropped on June 15.

One of the first things I noticed about the second season was that the Netflix original newly introduced a bleeping sound to censor profanity spoken on the show. The next thing I noticed was that the censoring carried over to the closed captions, but not in the normal way.

Instead of bleeping out certain words, Netflix seemed to replace those words with more generally accepted ones.
Normally, closed caption subtitling bleeps words in a variety of different ways: phrases, such as (bleep), [expletive], or [censored] may be used, though sometimes hyphens or asterisks are substituted instead (f–k, f---, or f*** are all examples. Did you just say that word three times over in your inner voice? Me too.)

ATR Comment:  I rely on captions too, but can do without a constant tirade of swearing. The alternative is to publish a disclaimer of the show along the lines, it contains offensive language, and/or content is unsuitable for those under age 16, which Gays would still challenge, so I'm with Netflix on this.  

There are many areas of television that don't allow sex/violence etc and some swearing, there is a UK 9pm TV watershed on it because they know it isn't just adults who believe anything goes, that are the only viewers.  Some of these programs go out well before that time, go online etc, get streamed to get around the safety aspect.   Yes kids will still try to get around it, it doesn't alter the basic approach to limit poor examples of communication or output designed to offend to get more viewers in.  Deaf have issues enough with English without obscenity in every sentence.  Deaf don't need lessons in swearing.

Do people have a right to be offended?  I expect they do, and I am sure Gays do as well.  What would happen if an anti-gay rhetoric TV program went out, we all know that answer.  Censoring of some areas is necessary and vital, I do it, others readers do it daily, new laws are addressing online etc, it is to stop abuses of all kinds and bullying/terrorist recruiting drives etc.  ALL UK Newspapers have a ban on any number of swear words and block them too. As do USA medias.  

Frankly if you can only express yourself via expletives, you need to get it sorted.   Because you can say Bum or Fuck on a TV doesn't make you clever does it? Good on Netflix.

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