Saturday, 14 July 2018

Is the term Disabled Offensive?

People who keep inventing new terms or bias are offensive, but the disability definition is a medical one based on the undeniable fact other people don't have YOUR Issue, or you have developed an issue yourself.

In respect of the latter, loss defines disability probably more, than being born with an issue does, because those areas have always had that same experience, it's their 'norm'. 

The issues arise as the two undeniable truisms clash on the way ahead.  It is a battle that will continue until deafness stops being a clash of ideologies and reverts to a mutual respect and acceptance.  People who lose hearing feel disabled by it, because they are.  Calling it a culture won't get that issue addressed even if you find a different communication format that helps, despite various claims the format defines too.

The whole thing suggests disability is the completely correct 'term' to describe those who lose hearing, or go blind etc, as it ISN'T a norm, that norm has been removed.  It's the plethora of half-terms like HI/HoH/Severely deaf, and deaf without an aid or CI etc that are meaningless and confusing so is deaf and Deaf.  

What's in a name really? Nothing much except when it comes to being supported, then regardless if you have a culture or different language approach, and db variation, you still need help.  Society has established that in order to identify the need and support, they have to call it something.

So long as that need is met, they can call it whatever they like, BUT, the bias of those who have no loss, and those that do is messing it all up, because both need support but in different ways, where the system fails is lumping us together, but, established groups of either sector do the same to get their needs met.  Culture isn't a need, its a dream/preference, but support IS.  All the arguments I read are one area demanding the other butts out because of need conflict.

The 'mainstream' of disabled have lost interest and past caring what the deaf or near deaf whatever do,  some are annoyed their chosen term of Disabled to describe themselves is being trashed by deaf cultists and being portrayed as negative when deaf claim higher 'disability welfare and support' than most any other grouping.  Some suggest the 'Deaf' put up or shut up about it.

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