Tuesday, 10 July 2018

SpeakSee app raises EUR 50,000 in crowdfunding

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What we need to know is HOW effective this app is? The UK national HoH charity has endorsed it but hasn't told us how reliable it is.

 The SpeakSee app has raised EUR 50,000 in ten days in a crowdfunding campaign. The money will be used to help develop further the app for people with hearing disabilities. The news was announced by T-Mobile, which is working with SpeakSee at its innovation centre Futurelab.

SpeakSee converts spoken word to text for people with hearing impairments. It's collecting data on a wide range of Dutch accents and dialects in order to improve the app's functionality. The Netherlands counts around 1.6 million people who are deaf or have limited hearing. SpeakSee is also testing the app in the US and UK.

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