Thursday, 26 July 2018

UK Deaf social medias still blocking democracy...

Image result for anti democracyJust when you thought Facebook was allowing a free-for-all and should be brought to heel, we see UK Deaf social media blocking free speech. 

This site demands you fill in an application first to join, and declare your view and signing status first.  An archaic throwback to a time when deaf signers claimed illiteracy and 'cultural sensitivity' as an excuse, to banish you into the wilderness (We called it the world then). 

It is moderated partly by people who operated a blatant ban on old deaf e-mail sites on anyone suspected of not going to a deaf school or a non-signer.  A few are Deaf hackers too. They were responsible for the closing down in total disarray of the UK's only (And first), deaf aggregate of blogs (A pre-cursor to, because UK Deaf could not defend their enforced bans and illegal editing of posts on others.  The in-house fighting made Kabul look like a holiday destination.

UK's BSL Deaf and European political site, (Brexit a big issue here),  said ATR could be refused membership because it could not 'prove' a BSL background and was known to support Brexit which the site was against, (It's intro to its site said not, open to all deaf), in essence, they did not allow  or want, alternative views to be aired so other deaf could see any balance in the debate.  In their 'defence' they claimed anti EU views, or counter-arguments to EU 'Remainer' views and comment, was 'anti-deaf' and created 'disharmony' (Ok so lets talk about the prize of cheddar instead).  

Surely if you are setting up site to inform deaf people on the biggest UK decision in a generation, and debate pros and cons, it has to include diversity and balance? ATR hadn't even posted to the site so they had apparently acted on the advice of their 'grapevine' whatever that is.   That grapevine is what we call 'the usual suspects' here, a small group of deaf activists who distort and lie about the rest of us, but seek to control UK Deaf media output in a sign crusade.  

What the site says,  "Anyone can see it and what you post.", fair enough, but first you have to be in there to do it, and you can't get in!  It's of issue these people purported to be deaf too, can block potential members 'sight unseen' to see if they toe this discriminatory line first, or if their friends approve! Whilst ATR is obviously at issue with some cultural views, it doesn't ban their responses, includes cultural content and updates,  and always uses validated sources, not hearsay from a deaf social media that talks to itself and tries to define and label other people operating in an informational vacuum.

Stacked deck springs to mind, and pity the deaf members who are not being allowed to view alternative views to their own. Contention is life, banned free speech isn't.  It's the 3rd 'ID' the deaf avoid declaring in their own ranks, IN-HOUSE DISCRIMINATION.

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  1. Social media for the deaf eh? Kinda a weird niche but I suppose it'd be somewhat feasible, provided they're not censoring, of which that group clearly is. Even my deafblind ass can see that. Then again it also isn't beyond me to start a social media site myself. Tempting.