Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Deaf Irish Community attacks poor access to Pope.

Given the Pope is the leader responsible for the world's largest paedophile ring, do we really want to know what he says unless it is a grovelling apology and a list of names and people to hand over to the police? Deaf need to understand it isn't just sign that is missing here, deaf children were raped and attacked too.

Members of the Irish deaf community have accused RTÉ of having “virtually ignored” it, and Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreters, who were working at the Pope’s visit last weekend. 

A protest by members of the deaf community is due to take place outside RTÉ studios around the country, including at its main Donnybrook studios in Dublin, and at its Cork studios, at 4pm this Thursday, over the controversy, confirmed one of the group's spokespeople, Cormac Leonard. 

A protest may also take place at RTE's Limerick studios, Mr Leonard added. It has also led to the birth of a social media awareness campaign on Twitter, entitled #StopHidingISL.

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