Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Why is deafness hard?

A sure 'sign' Deaf ignorance is bliss if you never had hearing to lose, or indeed if you never miss not being able to hear.  The only issues others have with the 'Deaf' are their claims it is OK for them so OK for everyone else.  As acquired deaf at ATR,  losing hearing is ultimately traumatic, a sense is lost, and despite claims to the cultural side,  their set up isn't an adequate replacement, and certainly no cure for that.  

Coping and managing and indeed finding alternatives that work that aren't via a 'Deaf' community approach has actually enhanced much of our ability to find alternatives to the 'Deaf' way that suit our particular need and requirement.  We can speak from direct experiences of being deaf and being hearing.

We don't say the 'Deaf and their culture/community' is negative, only that it just doesn't work for us and we want more options and we certainly are at odds over access and support.  There is a naive 'arrogance' with some signing areas that is grossly misplaced and can be taken as poking fun at those who are struggling and highly sensitive about it.  Great you are happy with your lot but.... 

We've read online those with later deafness and severe hearing loss being called 'whiners' and 'whingers' as they reach out for help and understanding.  Being personally attacked in fact. When you take into account the huge reliances and depencies on others, the 'Deaf' have, and it is right those issues get rightful support but reality is.  

It's NOT perceived fun or acceptable to be deaf by others, it can lead to family break ups, divorces, mental health issues, suicides, total isolation, zero understanding or help etc, they can be forgiven for not accepting the view deaf is fun, as it isn't for them.  

It helps in lauding the deaf culture, to accept that for others deafness is actually a real issue, its calls for compassion, empathy, and understanding, which seems short on the ground when we see thinly-veiled digs and fun pokes at those who struggle.  It more suggests 'Deaf' know its a struggle and are avoiding talking about it, which we need to do, why me? is a constant with those who lose hearing and they need to know.  

For those that never heard it is suggested they don't offer an opinion to those who are losing it.  It lacks the experience to validate.

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