Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Bias in the deaf community...

Good to see the silliness and bias of some Deaf views exposed, but it tends to make them more defensive about their ignorance sadly, so they retreat inwardly convinced they are being attacked by hearies or something.  

What these people need to understand is they display the very discriminatory attitudes they despise from others.  If such a  community exists, (and I don't think it does in relative terms), it is like we use the net to communicate to many parts of the world, they sign or not, we do or not, etc, but, we are never going to meet up with them or even socialise with them, and may well have issues so doing, then this area needs an educational program to sort out this bias against progress and inclusive policies, and oppositions to choice based on nothing much at all except it isn't your choice.  What DEAF have to do, is come out here.

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