Monday, 24 September 2018

Deaf/deaf who cares Di-Marco?

Image result for di marcoThe issue with Di Marco is he doesn't define who or what constitutes a deaf person.  Such blanket statements by him just cover up his real message, all deaf sign, all deaf have a culture all deaf have a capital D and all the linguistic nonsense/deafhood et al that goes with it, when these people are a minuscule minority, even amid others who claim the much-vaunted 'Deaf' status and the rest of the deaf who outnumber them.

I am deaf I don't pretend anything, I can't hear. I am not cultural, I use some sign, I lip-read, I text, I don't think the community really exist in real terms, hardly any of my deaf peers are part of it that's the reality.  Are people like me to be opposed because we are not deaf as he sees it?  or, as his acolytes do?  These beliefs trigger separatism and segregation. When they see a signer using a CI on-screen they may get the message... unless the other minorities insist he is disabled in a wheelchair and a bona fide member of 5 other racial sterotypes as well!

We all want to be accepted for who we are and for what we can do, not 'just because' we don't hear.  If we take the same illogical steps as he does, do we not invite bans on deaf people 'posing as hearing' in the acting profession? The second soldier from the right scenario who just stands there as part of the scene who gets a bit part because no speech is necessary, or will Di Marco insist that is discrimination and the soldier has to start signing as well?

The time you start insisting on the inclusion of people who don't fit the criteria required, inclusion and acceptance will cease to be viable.  The same issues exist in all areas, e.g. you don't hire a person who is deaf because that is his issue, you hire them or not depending if they qualify for the job offered. 

The criteria seems to be a deaf person in this case, then the fact there are many deaf who don't sign at all should be considered on an equal basis too.  Who can forget the outbreak of opposition to a lip-reader 'posing' as a deaf person on TV whose signing was a bit suss? who was also profoundly deaf.  Such people are the norm.  The primary issue is these deaf cannot avoid making a lecture on everything 'deaf do this, Deaf do that'. Pandering to hearing misconceptions in that as they cannot see who is deaf unless they sign, ergo all deaf do, is misleading awareness by default.  Albeit it suits the extreme 'cultural' argument, bit it couldn't be that............. could it?

These Deaf must be the most biased and unaware sector with hearing loss that exists. Much better the point was made he can dance well, but just happened to be deaf.  His signing was not intrinsic to him dancing either nor was his community.

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