Saturday, 29 September 2018

Failing the lip-reading test.

Short easy sentences in ideal surroundings, one on one, even then a 80% failure rate to lip-read effectively, this surely suggests current classes are non-viable, and tuition needs to be changed entirely? It's more an advert for captions/subtitling and sign than for lip-reading. 

It is recorded a 60% failure rate WITH a qualified lip-speaker.  It's time the lip-reading fraternity and associations addressed the fact in its current curriculum format, it is a non-option for deaf or HoH people as any sort of effective communication mode or assist, and get organised properly.  Lip-reading ISN'T a hobby class its supposed to be designed to assist and enable people with sensory loss.

Classes work only for the more able and not the most who are struggling.  Smaller classes, longer tuition (UK currently suggests a few months once a week for 2 hrs with a dozen others will do it!), a proper test to pass, classes by age, and more one on one help is needed for the most severe deaf and older, even then classes would have to install an 'on street' test bed for real effectiveness.

When asked what was the purpose of lip-reading classes? the teachers said, to encourage them to be with like with like and form social mini groupings, so, not to enable them to get out on the street then? Some sort of poor man's deaf community approach?  Until then, Text wins hands down, against lip-reading, or sign language.

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