Monday, 3 September 2018

Getting a Job In Wales.

Action on Hearing Loss - Employment Film from Woven Films on Vimeo.

It needs deaf to show confidence and not start with you have to do this for me demands all the time.  I've done the same and had my leg pulled and tricks played on me by workmates, once you accept it as par for the course communication is pretty straightforward, we need to silence those activists/naysayers trying to create barriers and disaffected deaf all the time, they can't and don't pay your wages.

I think he did well here because building sites are dangerous places if you cannot hear a warning. He appears to have an ability to manage without translators too which is a huge plus, as employers won't take such deaf on, their biggest concern is communication effectiveness.  

Employers aren't anti-deaf, they don't see deaf communication as effective.  Just because deaf don't see this issue, hardly helps, they are communicating sign to sign, deaf to deaf, not deaf to hearing.  I did notice when he was reading he wasn't always paying attention to those speaking to him, he needs to show that he is aware of the others around him its important on a building site.

He would be allocated work where there is the least danger of issue, but that's OK. Deaf can concentrate to the exclusion of all else at times, but its not always a plus.  I wasn't allowed a phone at work 'though, employers said 'you aren't here to play with those!'  (I wonder if that is why so many UK teenagers are having difficulty doing a daily job, maybe it interferes with their online socials.

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