Thursday, 27 September 2018


A young entrepreneur has developed an innovative wrist armband for millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals as a springboard to venture into business. 

Zuko Mandlakazi says flagship product, Senso, works by picking up sounds and communicating them to the user through vibration and colour-coded LED lights. 

The device, he says, provides the convenience of alerting through vibration and light instead of sound, which can be distorted in the presence of other external noise. 

Mandlakazi says Senso will be able to help four million hearing impaired people in South Africa and 360m abroad. And with September being the Deaf Awareness Month, Mandlakazi says their focus is on connecting people with people and with life-saving sounds. The Eastern Cape-born Mandlakazi who is now based in Johannesburg, says the idea to develop the device was sparked by a hard of hearing family member. 

“ I was concerned for her missing out on life-saving sounds as she was always alone during the day while everybody was at work,” says Mandlakazi, 33. 

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