Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Still not 'Deaf' enough?

Juliet Corwin.
Who cares what these 'purists' think?   I'm just surprised anyone puts up with these anti-CI, anti-hearing aids anti anything that helps view.  We need to isolate those people.  They are not entitled to criticise or oppose choices for others. Go away.

"I'm proud to be among those who live with deafness. Yet I often feel rejected by some of these same people. Many who embrace Deaf culture -- that's deaf with a capital D -- tend to think of deafness as the defining factor of who they are, and consider those who are integrated into the hearing world through technology -- such as hearing aids or cochlear implants -- as “not Deaf enough” to be a part of their community. 

Many of them have never heard anything, and have never communicated through speech. That’s different from me, but in the end, none of us can hear without assistance. I believe that their need to exclude comes from not being able to fully understand others’ deaf experience. Still, it’s destructive. Many Deaf people -- and hearing people -- think of cochlear implants as a "solution" to deafness. It isn’t; the implants simply offer me a different deaf lifestyle."

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